Heels Go Down, but Planning Goes Up

Brad came into town this weekend for the Carolina/GA Tech game. We lost (as we have EVERY time we’ve gone to the game since we’ve lived in Atlanta), but took the opportunity to make lemons into lemonade… more time to plan!

Kavitha’s been doing a lot of research on excursions in Phuket. She’s the one who did the legwork on the Bangkok tours and cooking class, and did a great job finding some neat things for Phuket, too. We’re still nailing them down, but will post when we get them figured out. Elephants, stilt fishing villages, and sea caves are all on the agenda.

The BKK-HKT and HKT-SIN legs are both booked, on Thai Air and Air Asia. That means that we’ve got all of the hotels and flights set!

We’ve got to figure more out on how to properly post, but I figure that we’ll do some in-depth posts on some of our planned activities, etc.

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