Learning to Scuba Dive

What?  I have to read a bunch of textbook material and then take a test on it?  I haven’t done this sort of thing in over 6 years, and I’m rusty.  I think the toughest thing is that the materials are available in PDF only through the course we’re taking, so my iPad keeps distracting me.  After just 10 pages, I’m up making myself a snack, buying something online, watching TV, sending an email, looking at facebook, and then reading another 10 pages.  This is mostly like college, except that I have a gazillion other things to be doing besides studying for a test (Like my actual work. For my actual job. That I get paid for. Did I mention that this is the busiest I’ve ever been at work, and that I probably should be doing some right now?  I really need this vacation.)

Anyways, I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.  We take our test on the reading materials on November 3rd.  Our pool dives are the weekend of November 4th, and our open water certification dives are the weekend of November 18th (we’ll be driving down to Gainesville to dive in some Florida springs).   Then if all goes well, we’ll be diving in lovely Phuket on January 4th!  I truly am excited, even if my procrastination doesn’t show it.

1 thought on “Learning to Scuba Dive

  1. …and in the category of things NOT bo-bo, we’re diving with a 5* Padi facility on Phuket and heading to the Phi Phi Islands.

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