You want me to take it out of my mouth?

So we survived the academic and pool portions of our scuba class! Well, who am I kidding, I aced the academic portion, we all know I am good at studying. The pool portion I survived. I was deathly afraid most of the time, but I passed all of the skills.

The Pre-dive buddy check has an acronym – BWRAF. The PADI book had some weird way to remember this, but it was stupid and impossible to remember. So we made up our own: Bradleys With Razors Are Fun. BCD,weights, releases, air, fins/final okay. See? Easy! Hunter and I giggled every time we did this, and our instructor looked at us cross-eyed, but hey, we remembered the acronym.

Most of learning to scuba dive is about learning how to do a bunch of things that you will hopefully never have to actually do in real life. It’s all in case of an emergency, which you can hopefully prevent by being diligent and watching your air consumption while underwater.

Some of the scary things:
Take your regulator out of your mouth, purge it so that it simulates a free flowing regulator malfunction, and “sip” air from it while a massive flood of bubbles rushes up at your face for 30 seconds. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I was skeptical that this was possible, but we had a great instructor, she demonstrated it clearly, and I managed to get my heart out of my throat long enough to do it.

Some of the frustrating things:
It is very hard to maintain neutral buoyancy in a 10 foot deep pool. Breathing hard makes you sink to the bottom, and adding a tiny bit of air to your BCD makes you rocket to the top. We started to get the hang of it by the end of class, but hopefully this will be easier in our open water dives.

The most reassuring things:
There are ways to fix most problems while you are underwater. Water in your mask? No problem, we learned how to clear our masks while underwater. Tangled up in something? No problem, we learned how to removed our scuba unit and put it back on while underwater. The trick is to stay calm and remember what you’re supposed to do. And. Never. Stop. Breathing.

I don’t know that Hunter and I will become scuba fanatics like Brad is, but it’s definitely a cool skill to have that I’m sure we will take advantage of on our tropical vacations. I am not going to call them dive vacations, because my idea of vacation is a Bushwacker on the sand, not compressed air and a wetsuit. I’m sure scuba will be more thrilling once I get to see something besides the bottom of a pool though. Off to the Florida springs in a week!

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