Can’t Buy Me Anything

I’m in trouble with Kavitha.  It seems, for what’s now the 7th Christmas in a row, that I bought myself something that she had been planning to get me as a present.  Allow me to illustrate the latest example:

“Hey Kavitha!  Check out what I got from Amazon… It’s a travel scale and some eye shades!”

(Kavitha looks upset, quietly stomps over to my stocking on the mantle, pulls out a travel scale.)

“I can’t by ANYTHING for you.  You always buy it for yourself!  And the eyeshades are in the mail, but they’re not here yet!”


You see, I acknowledge it, and this time, it was definitely my fault.  I had those items on my Amazon Wish List.  My bad.  Something’s now going to have to be returned, and I know who’ll be taking care of THAT…

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