A dirty 4-letter word

There’s a dirty 4-letter word when you’re on vacation…. TOUR. I cringed when I initially thought about doing one. As a rule of thumb, I don’t do tours. My standard modus operandi is to grab a map and/or guidebook, orient myself, and then get lost exploring the nooks and crannies of a city. However, when I travel for work, I’m also blessed to have great partners in the cities I go to, who typically give me all of the insider tips of where to go and what to eat to feel like a local. That’s usually the goal: feeling like a local.

So when I was trip planning, I came across the Bangkok Food Tours company. Yes, it has that dirty 4-letter word in it, but it also has my favorite word in it: FOOD. I thought that the two might counter-balance each other out, so I looked into it more. After reading plenty of reviews and following them on Facebook for a couple of months, I decided they were worth their mettle, and signed us up for the Historic Bangrak Food Tour.

I felt like a local.

Minus the ear piece in my ear.

But seriously, this was the most amazing tour, erasing my skepticism immediately when the first taste of meltingly delicious duck hit my tongue mixed with the cool refreshing crunch of a pickled cucumber.

Thai Restaurant in Alleyway

The set-up: Our sweet and funny tour guide Olive met us at a metro station with a group of 7 other people. She handed us in-ear audio pieces so that we could hear her over the cacaphony of Bangkok, and then we departed across the street, like a bunch of ducklings following their Mama Duck.

“Don’t hesitate when you cross the street. If you hesitate, you die!” -Olive

We wandered around the winding alleyways of Bangrak, stopping at 5 distinct local joints, including one that required a ferry ride across the river, tasting one amazing thing after another. The pictures below simply don’t do it justice. In between our tasting stops, we learned a little bit about the Thai culture and visited some local temples. I’ll save the temples for another post though… for now, it’s all about the food:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our guide was funny, the food was authentic, the restaurants were local dives, and we got a little bit of culture on the side.

So the conclusion? Food + Tour = Brilliant. Really. Every city should have one as good as this one.

We were so enthralled by the whole experience that we immediately booked another tour (yes, the word is now an accepted term in my vocabulary). More on the next tour in a later post! Hope I’ve made you sufficiently hungry.


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