Shawty Fire Burnin’ on da Drag Floor!

“What you’re about to see may be unsuitable for some viewers!  Welcome back, my friend to the show that never ends!  We’re so glad you could attend….”

Tonight, as we enjoyed a bit of Patong nightlife in Phuket, we stopped in a gay bar called My Way.  Based on its name, you already know that it’s a Sinatra-themed bar.  This theme is not apparent, other than one Mac the Knife number as an interlude to the drag show.  The show started in the street. We lounged on the bar’s patio on very comfortable rattan furniture while the cast of My Way and several other adjacent bars performed choreographed numbers in the street…all while dodging Tuk Tuks and motorcycles speeding past.  After a bit of Celine, we followed our cast inside and watched a Bollywood-style drag show.  1 main drag queen in head-to-toe feathers, 4 backup drag queens, 4 backup dancers, and a male supporting lead. It was fabulous, choreographed, and very La Cage aux Folles. 

Their pyrotechnic display consisted of a can of lighter fluid and matches. At the end of one number, they poured it on the stage in a straight line and lit it.  Dancers raised their spirit fingers with the flames; the crowed ooohed and aaaahhhed.  This was impressive…until it caught two plants decorating the stage on fire. Two dancers jumped on it, also caught fire, and a hot, smoky gay mess ensued.  The owner had his own meltdown, screaming at employees and patrons in Thai.  It was terrifying, then hilarious. I almost died in a gay bar fire.  I can take that off the bucket list, now.

This was back alley Cirque du Soleil gone tragically right. The “women” were truly beautiful and the go go boys swung in from ropes overhead.  Keep in mind that they’re poorly coordinated and super skinny….so this is done in the most awkward and dangerous way possible.  I counted seven costume changes for one performer in 30 minutes.  And by counted I mean watched because there was no dressing room…they just stepped behind the bar.  You cannot pay for entertainment like this in Nashville…and there was no cover and $2 bottled beers. 

On our way back to the cab, we found a bar where four Japanese men with awesome hair played Guns and Roses, Journey, Metallica, and Steppanwolf….really, really well.  Only…they’re Japanese so it was “Don’t Stop Bereaving….hold on to dat feering!” But I’m not complaining.  This kicks the pants off anything the Stage has to offer on Broadway.  King Kong’s eyes glowed red as we fist pumped to classic metal and hard rock.  

Loud and awesome!

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