…And We’re Back. A Final Bit of Culture Shock

It’s been about 10 months since Thailand, and I miss it every day.  As most things backed by the best of intentions go, our travel narrative came to an untied end.  We have dozens of stories left to share, but I think at this point you’ll have to buy one of us a beer to hear them.  A few of said remaining tales may require a Manhattan with a Fernet back at Patterson House and a non-disclosure agreement, but they need to be told.  Perhaps you’ll get an email, an rss update, or a facebook post if the Muse strikes us again…

I confess that I miss Thailand.  I’m glad to be home, and it’s wonderful to be a contributing member of society again. But I miss Thailand.

And I would have paid out a lot of money on the bet that I’d never…ever…say that in my life.  I left with the expectation of seeing, experiencing, leaving, and checking off that box on the travel to-do list.  Never thought Asia would be my thing.  But I would go back tomorrow.  I might even stay…

Bangkok is a vile, filthy city and I adore it.  I don’t understand why…I have panic attacks on domestic public transit that border on chronic agoraphobia.  Perhaps it’s the food.  Culture.  Acceptance.   The friends we made.  Who knows?!  But I want to do it all over again.   And again.  Then…more!

I miss the language barrier.  It reduces my temper and relaxes me.  Logically, if I cannot communicate my expectations to you clearly, how can I expect you to provide thoroughly?  If I order bourbon and it smells like rum, that’s ok…you tried!   But here, everyone speaks my language, and no one does what *&*^%^*! I want them to do!  It’s infuriating!  It’s mind-numbing!!!  It makes me appreciate the intricacies of communicating with people who do not understand me, but want nothing more than to ensure the most pleasing visit to their country.  That’s not a part of western culture, and it is notably absent to me at home.

I miss the food.  That should be obvious.  Sure, I can find excellent Thai at home.  But it isn’t IN Thailand.  At while at least we have a  reason to go back, I miss my spicy white pepper soup.  I crave chili crab.  I want more Leo!

I want to thank my traveling companions, Hunter and Kavitha Bradley.  I adore you both, and would not have made this adventure with anyone else.  Thank you for tolerating, accepting, indulging, and entertaining the respective parts of me.  Let’s do it again sometime.

I want to thank each of you who followed us on our journey.  We enjoyed sharing it with you, and I hope that it motivated you to go exploring.  Maybe Thailand isn’t your thing, and that’s ok.  But go have an adventure.  Discover someplace new.  Rediscover a place you already love.  Whether it’s the sights, the sounds, the saveur…focus on what you love in life and see what other countries offer you for it.  If that’s too far, find that small place of home that you’ve never truly experienced, and make it yours.  Then write a blog about it.  I promise I’ll read it.

With that, I’m retiring from www.3Bradleys.com.  I’m being replaced, you see…by an infinitely cuter and more marketable little girl arriving in March.  Congratulations to you, my friends!  I’m excited to follow the 3Bradleys on your adventure to China next week and your adventures in parenthood next year!

Until next time, friends: Sawadee Krap!

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