Scavenger Hunt

We’re letting you help guide our trip!  In a comment on this post, add an item you’d like us to try to find on a scavenger hunt on our trip.  If we can find it, we’ll take a picture and post it here…

6 thoughts on “Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hey Kavitha! If y’all are in Bangkok, go to their Chinatown. It is crazy. In the Chinatown there is a hole in the wall Indian restaurant. It was amazing! I found it using the Lonely Planet guide to Thailand. It was an experience. Also all the malls have awesome food, it is like street vendor food but in a better environment, cleaner, with AC, less congested. Its good to take a break. Also in Bangkok you need to go the big weekend market, some of the best shopping. Cheers!! Enjoy!!.

  2. A photo of Kavitha on stage singing with the band at Raffles in Singapore (bonus points if you can get the palm ceiling fans and peanuts on the floor in the shot)

  3. No photos necessary, but please get at least 1 Thai massage per day. And seriously – don’t delay – start as soon as you arrive. You can thank me when you get back. 🙂

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