To Deutschland

We arrived to ATL a little while ago via Marta. Checked in at Lufthansa with no problems and went to Concourse E to One Flew South, the best restaurant in the airport, for pre-boarding cocktails. Preston Humphries, Brad’s roommate, happened to be connecting through on his way home for Christmas and joined us.

Things that already happened:
1. Check in agent complimented Brad on his spray tan. He says that he got it because his gym offered it for free. I say that lots of things are free… which doesn’t make them right.
2. Foreshadowed the aroma of Bangkok in the Marta station elevator.
3. Found that Germans have great taste – they serve Coors Original and Mortadella in the Senators Lounge.
4. Brad’s argument for wearing his sunglasses indoors, all the way to the gate, was “they’re prescription!”

Our plane takes off at about 7, a little delayed, but not terribly affecting our arrival. Kavitha is already playing Carcassone on her IPad… it’s on!

2 thoughts on “To Deutschland

  1. So glad you’re already on your way to the adventure of a lifetime…and that Brad got a spray tan. Travel safely! Love y’all and Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!

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