Our Checked Travel Bags

Luggage. You think that for a guy who travels every week that I’d know a little something about bags for travel. And I do… I know all about the ins and outs of carry-on based domestic trips from 2 to 4 days. Unfortunately for me, our trip doesn’t share anything in common with that.

Generally, I live and die by my 22 inch roll aboard carryon, a ‘far better quality than it should be’ bag that was Costco private label about 5 years ago. I was all the rage on Flyertalk back then. For traveling internationally, though, the game is totally different.

International flights, especially those on international carriers, generally have much stricter carryon rules than domestic. Whereas here you get one carryon and a personal item, there, you just get the carryon – and it often has a weight limit. We’re still trying to figure out if that means that a backpack is the best answer. TBD.

For checked luggage, though, the decision is a bit easier. Durability is the ultimate consideration with checked baggage. Brands like Tumi, Eagle Creek, Briggs and Riley, and the high quality Travel Pro all have reputations for holding up well under serious travel. Brad and Drew got me turned onto Briggs, and my B&R laptop bag truly is indestructible.

Kavitha and I turned to our biggest gear outfitting resource for this trip, Sierra Trading Outpost. I found a great deal on two bags, and not being able to pick just one, we went for both. For Kavitha, we got a 27″ Briggs and Riley roll aboard, in a dark red color. It has the Briggs lifetime warranty, and 5828 cu in of storage. I got the Eagle Creek Take 2 ORV Trunk. It’s 31″ tall, but in a more square rolling duffel configuration than the Briggs bag. It actually breaks down into two separate bags if you need it to (clothes backpack and gear box) as it’s designed for the outdoor adventurer set. It’s got 6590 cu inches. The warranty is the same – lifetime breakage for any reason.

These are generally pretty expensive bags. Quality and real lifetime warranties don’t come cheap… unless you get them from Sierra for about 66% off, like we did!  (No, we didn’t pay full price – in case you looked…)  Investments for our next adventures, too, you see?

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