Small Business Saturday = Adventure Provisioning!

Happy (belated) Small Business Saturday, Adventurers!

I have to admit that this is a new one to me.  I know that Thursday is Thanksgiving.  Yes, I still eat occasionally and make exceptions to my Diet of Deprivation for ham!  MMMMM HAM!  MORE HAM!  Preston, WHERES THE HAM?!

I also know that Friday is BLACK FRIDAY, or the day that I make the Best Buy audio/video manager go home and cry to his momma.

But what the hell is Small Business Saturday?  I thought about looking it up, but i didn’t want to encourage it any more than I might already, inadvertently.  My powers of intution tell me that it’s an opportunity to tell Wally World to stick it and patronize those trying to make a buck in a “small” business.  I’m not trying to argue, Hunter, so let’s move on.

I decided that I would spend my small business dollars (it’s like TARP, I think) on provisions for this trip.  I’m just so freakin’ excited about what I found that I just had to blog about it!  Huge shout out to Blue Ridge Mountain Sports and Roundtrees for hooking me up!

Dance, too much booty in the pants, Dance!  Despite extreme heat and worse humidity, you must have pants in Thailand.  Many of the religious and cultural sites won’t allow visitors who show too much skin.  I’ll leave the middrifts at home, but I’m having trouble letting go of my j.Crew McFrat shorts.  And I’ve been struggling to find a pair of lightweight pants suitable for the heat that compliment my figure.  And I’m NOT wearing cargo pants.  Losing patience…   BRMS to the rescue with the Paramount Traverse pant by The North Face.  The make my ass look nice, weigh nothing, and apparently have UV protection…which is good since I don’t want a tanned….nevermind.  And while the chances of me getting through this trip offense-free are slim, we now know that it won’t be my temple attire that gets me pushed over the edge.  As an aside, I was upsold into purchasing a few pair of “reusable” underwear. I’m not sure what my existing undergarments qualify as, but these apparently are essential for warm climates.    

Two Vultures went on a trip.  When they arrived at airport ticketing, they deposited two racoons on the baggage scale.  The ticket agent leered and stated, “There’s a checked raccoon fee of  $25 each.”  The vultures replied, “That’s ok, they’re carrion.”   Hunter has already told you about baggage, so I’ll keep this one short.  If you know me, you know I believe in two things when it comes to bags:  1. Briggs.  2. Riley.  And I’m in love with their new BRX series. Superlight, high-performance, and adventure-oriented.  Roundtrees set me up with a great deal on the Expedition 28″ Rolling Duffle and the Exchange 26″ Duffle.  The latter koalas onto the former with six attachment points and deploys backpack straps.  It’s awesome, and all together a much better solution than my work-oriented hard side cases. Albeit indestructible, they’re just not suited for longer international junkets.  And plenty of room for souvenirs!

I Don’t Care How Awesome They Are; You Cannot Wear Those With Jeans.   My last provisioning conundrum centers around footwear.  Of course, the orange workout shoes are traveling to Thailand (no link…you have to see them in person to appreciate them and not think less of me).  And, of course, the OluKai Hiapo Flip Flops are traveling to Thailand.  But I feel like I need something closed-toed just in case.  So back to BRMS for some more browsing.

  • Salesman: “Well you know, for the climate you’re headed to, nothing works better than…”
  • Brad: “Don’t say chacos, dude.”
  • Salesman: “Chacos.”
  • Brad: “No.”
  • Lisa: “Why not?”  (It’s germane to understand that I am stricken with my Uncle’s neurotic approach to footwear.  It’s also relevant to know that I often shop with my mom.)
  • Brad: “Because nothing in men’s footwear with exposed toes should have a heel strap.  It looks really, REALLY…”
  • Mom bares here teeth and cuts her eyes downward toward the salesman’s brand new Chacos.
  • Brad, to the Salesman, not nearly sheepishly enough: “Oh.  Sorry, dude.”
  • Salesman: “It’s ok.  I like them and that’s what matters, right?”
  • Brad: “… … … [realizing it wasn’t rhetorica] oh, suuure.  You also have Crocs, don’t you?”  He nods.  “And Skeletoes?”  He nods again.  Poor guy.

This has to stop. So, I’m still looking for footwear.  Any suggestions?

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