Farewell Hong Kong

So, like I foreshadowed, I slacked on blogging while in Hong Kong. But that’s the sign of a great trip. It was a jam packed whirlwind of fun. This city is so easy to get around – we rode the MTR practically everywhere.

Quick list of highlights:
Riding the tram to Victoria Peak to see the amazing skyline
Riding the Star Ferry over to Kowloon just in time to see the laser show
A 10-course Szechuan meal to drool over – best Ma Po Tofu ever
Lots of shopping in markets: Temple Street Night Market, Ladies Market, Jade Market
Browsing the flora and fauna at the flower market, goldfish market, and bird garden
Getting some new kitchen gear including a sweet vegetable slicer from the kitchen supply district
Lighting incense at Man Mo Temple
A food tour with amazing wonton soup and dim sum
Betting on some horses at the Happy Valley Racecourse
Getting HB some custom shirts tailored
Eating at the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant

… and after all that, multiple foot massages.

I took an afternoon of rest by watching Skyfall at the movie theater while HB pounded the pavement exploring the computer stores. Now I’m rejuvenated and ready to explore Taipei!

1 thought on “Farewell Hong Kong

  1. The two things I remember from my only Far East trip to Taipei about 12 yrs ago.
    1) Don’t step off the curb in the city unless you have a green light.
    2) When you eat out at a local spot in Taipei, and you order the chicken, it’s pigeon.

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