A Bradley Babymoon

Some forewarning… Blogging this time around will not be nearly as comprehensive as last time. For one, Brad Beskin is not here, and we all know that his antics provided much motivation for blogging. Second, it turns out making a human being requires a lot of energy, so I’m going to pull the pregnancy brain card. The newest third Bradley has been distracting me with her fun kicks all day long, so just expect short posts about where we are, not the usual novel 🙂

Vacation got off on the right foot with a little layover in San Francisco, where we met up with our friend Dani at an amazing little Italian restaurant called Laconda. Followed up by some Bi-Rite Ice Cream, it was a great start.

14-hour flight while 5.5 months pregnant went better than expected. We were in Business Class, which helped tremendously. I got extra pillows and the hostesses refilled my water all night long. Upon arrival in Taipei, hot showers and dumplings awaited us in the lounge. Now for a quick flight to Hong Kong, where we’ll meet up with friends who arrived yesterday: Lee, Drew, Amber, and Britt.

Looking forward to another Asia adventure! Beskin, we miss you!

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